Stephen GranadeStephen Granade (director)
Stephen is a physicist specializing in robotic sensors. His sensors have read fingerprints from ten feet away, controlled robot helicopters, and guided the shuttle to the Hubble Space Telescope. He’s won awards for presenting to non-scientists.

Rachel PendergrassRachel Pendergrass (director’s second)
Rachel is a marine biology student (currently working on shark research and some marine bio citizen science projects), a science communicator, and a freelance writer. In the more creative side of her life, she co-produces a live literature show called WRITE CLUB ATLANTA, and last year was the poetic journalist at TEDxPeachtree.

Zachary AndersonZachary Anderson
Zachary enjoys Argentine tango, cardboard games, and roleplaying. He even designed the improvisational party game “Mad Scientist University”. Despite being able to spell paleontologist by age 8, and having an unhealthy interest in genetic engineering, he does not have a pet dinosaur.

Scott CoverScott Cover
Malcolm Perfidious was the victim of a tragic childhood time travel accident that left him an orphan before he was even born. Eschewing traditional education as too limiting, Malcolm experiments in all branches of science. Now, living with his identical twin brother who is tasked with being his chauffeur and lab assistant, the only thing preventing him from world domination is lack of funding.

Cameron HaganCameron Hagan
Like many science track volunteers, Cameron enjoys fire, explosions, and playing all types of board and video games. Currently he is a Mad Scientist Engineer, is trying to create a never-ending cup of coffee, spends time fighting off Daleks, and is finding proof of his noodliness.

Ethan KickEthan Kick
Ethan Kick is a World History student, but in general he loves learning and experiencing new things. Right now he’s trying to travel as much as possible and plays probably more than his fair share of video games. His hobbies include baseball (Orioles), football (Ravens), games, music, and half a dozen other things.

Yin-Yin WangYin-Yin Wang
Yin-Yin is a graduate student at the University of Rochester, where she is working on her PhD in Microbiology and Immunology. In her free time she enjoys volunteering at the Georgia Aquarium, cooking, and playing kickball.