Programming (2013)

Day Time Panel Title Panel Description Panelists Room
Fri 10:00a The Genetics of X-Men A discussion of the real science behind how some of your favorite mutant superpowers might work! Dr. Bill Gibson Hilton 202
Fri 11:30a The CDC Presents: Public Health & Social Media in the Digital Age How the US got’v and the CDC prep for pandemics and other health threats, plus tools to help you minimize these threats and stay informed. Ali Khan, Dave Daigle, David Swerdlow, James Vaughan, Pierre Rollin Hilton Crystal Ballroom
Fri 1:00p Personalized Genomics: What It Can and Can’t Do for You (So Far) Real-life uses of DNA sequencing in medical care, ancestry, forensics; includes direct-to-consumer testing, exome- & whole-genome sequencing. Dr. Bill Gibson Hilton 202
Fri 2:30p Fun in Fusion Research An illuminating and humorous look at the ongoing quest to develop usable fusion power. John Sheffield, PhD Hilton 202
Fri 4:00p The Human Body: A Walking Petri Dish A discussion of the microbiome, and how microbes influence everything from obesity to behavior. Jessica Parilla Hilton 202
Fri 5:30p Of Mice and Men: How Mice Have Revolutionized Our Knowledge of Neurogenetics This is a tale of the heroic “Mus musculus” as a model organism and an overview of the cutting edge techniques utilized in the study of neurogenetics. Jennifer Watson Hilton 202
Fri 7:00p Your Lying Eyes You think in high resolution, but you don’t see in it. Discover how optical illusions show how much of your sight is really in your mind. Dr. Stephen Granade Hilton 202
Fri 8:30p Polyamorists Next Door? Multiple-partner Families with Children Findings of a 15-year longitudinal Sociological study of polyamorous families with children. Elisabeth Sheff, PhD, CASA, CSE Hilton 202
Fri 10:00p Cryonics – 2013 Updates and Open Discussion Storing your decapitated head in liquid nitrogen is only the 2nd worst thing that can happen to you, & it may be vital for your long-term survival! hosted by the Atlanta Transhumanist Society Hilton 202
Sat 10:00a
Sat 11:30a Science Through Songs Why music works for presenting science info, plus Emerald Rose’s Professor Boggs sings some science-y tunes. Donna Governor, Professor Boggs (Larry Morris) Hilton 202
Sat 1:00p Facts, Figures, and Google Is Teaching Dead? Teachers, engineers, and scientists discuss how smart phones and instant tech change how we teach. Rob Osterman, Donna Governor, Jon Voisey Hilton 202
Sat 2:30p (DOOM panel!) Evil Geniuses for a Better Tomorrow, part XI (The End?) Homebrew nuclear reactors! Liquid nitrogen kitchen recipes! Plus a new Evil Plan will be revealed! Fun for the whole family! Dr. Stephen Granade, Richard Altstatt, Chad Ramey, multiple minions Hilton Crystal Ballroom
Sat 4:00p (DOOM panel!) Meltdowns, Dirty Bombs, Global Thermonuclear War: A Survival Guide Big bomb blasts blind & bewilder; bummer! BUT – benevolent brainiacs brainstorm: being braced for badness & bypassing bonehead blunders. Chad Ramey, Richard “Hawk” Altstatt Hilton 202
Sat 5:30p (DOOM panel!) Chemical Warfare in the 20th Century From mustard gas to VX – an introduction to the mechanisms and execution of chemical warfare agents, and what you should do if exposed! Erica Borgers Klonkowski Hilton 202
Sat 7:00p Life, the Universe, and Everything (sort of…) Modern cosmology in general and multiverse theory in particular, including evidence for and against; where the science ends and philosophy begins. Matt Lowry Hilton 202
Sat 8:30p (DOOM panel!) The Planet is Trying to Kill Me! An introduction to the mechanics of earthquakes, tsunami, hurricanes, and other catastrophes. Fun for the whole family! Mika McKinnon Hilton 202
Sat 10:00p Kinky Science: What Health Professionals Need to Know About BDSM Safe, sane, & consensual BDSM/power exchange vs abusive intimate partner violence: a clinical & sociological perspective. EMTs & therapists take note! Elisabeth Sheff, PhD, CASA, CSE; Rachel Anne Kieran, Psy.D. Hilton 202
Sun 10:00a The Science of ”Falling Skies” Hollywood’s science adviser takes a closer look at the aliens and technology in the hit TV series. Dr. Kevin R. Grazier Hilton Crystal Ballroom
Sun 11:30a Cooking Worlds for Family Science Make edible comets and other heavenly bodies using cake, frosting, and imagination; understand planetary science while feeding your sweet tooth! Dr. Pamela L. Gay Hilton Crystal Ballroom
Sun 1:00p Doctor Geek’s Lab Presents Science from Fiction! It’s the 21st Century – where the @#$* is my flying car, robot butler and ticket to the moon? Plus an overview of previous and pending podcasts. Debbie ViguiĆ©, Dr. Scott ViguiĆ© Hilton 202
Sun 2:30p Creationism and Intelligent Design – Debunked Ideas That Just Won’t Die Who keeps pushing the anti-science, why they do it, how you can fight back. A joint Science/Skeptics panel, hosted in the Skeptics Track room. Jon Voisey, Matt Lowry, Massimo Pigliucci, Dr. Michael Shermer Skeptics Track room
Sun 4:00p (DIY Science) Get Your Science On! The new field of Citizen Science: Projects to get you started, how they work, and what you learn by participating. Dr. Pamela L. Gay, Mika McKinnon Hilton 202
Sun 5:30p Why Everything You Know About Quantum Mechanics Is Wrong Looking at the misuse of “quantum” in sci-fi and what the field really says about our universe. Jon Voisey Hilton 202
Sun 7:00p Resource Abundance and Poverty in American Science Fiction Film and Television Themes of resource availability in SF and trends in those themes are examined, from Trek to 2001 to Soylent Green. Jeff Hubbs Hilton 202
Sun 8:30p (DIY Science) Hacking the Atom! Live demo of homebrew equipment you can build for high-energy physics experiments and other mayhem, including an real nuclear fusion reactor. Chad Ramey Hilton Crystal Ballroom
Sun 10:00p (DIY Science) Hacking 201 – The Science Track Version All-night Q&A session plus hands-on workshop & demos; sort of like what we’ve done on the EFF Track for the last 15+ years, only more science-y. Chad Ramey, ATL Radio Club, misc science geeks & educators Hilton 202
Sun 11:30p Kinky Sex Makes the World Go ‘Round Shifting clinical definitions and redefining ”normal” – a fun and frank talk about the many variations on everyone’s favorite pastime. Elisabeth Sheff, PhD, CASA, CSE; Rachel Anne Kieran, Psy.D. Hilton Grand Ballroom West
Mon 10:00a Helping Your Young Evil Genius Dominate the Science Fair This experienced teacher produces state science fair winners each year. She’ll share tips and tricks for creating a winning project. Donna Governor, Professor Boggs (Larry Morris) Hilton 202
Mon 11:30a NGSS and STEM: To Boldly Go Where No Educational Standards Have Gone Before Last April’s Next Gen Science Standards will take Sci/Tech/Eng/Math education into new territories; what students, parents & educators need to know. Donna Governor, Professor Boggs (Larry Morris) Hilton Crystal Ballroom
Mon 1:00p Gravitational Wave Detectors vs Furries The trials and tribulations of operating super-sensitive detectors and how we cope with the ‘Furry Little Problem’ (and other things). Dr. Erin Patricia Macdonald Hilton 202
Mon 2:30p Whatever Happened to ‘The Six Million Dollar Man’? The current state-of-the-art in ‘bionics’ and brain-activated prosthetics. Dr. Tedd Roberts Hilton 202
Mon 4:00p Transhumanist Open Discussion – Better Living Through Technology! The directed evolution and transformation of the human race via emerging technologies – pros and cons. Audience participation encouraged. hosted by the Atlanta Transhumanist Society Hilton 202